About ATM  Marketing 


ATM Marketing Solutions, LLC is a design and marketing company based in the Metro Atlanta area. We offer services ranging from web design, to branding and social media marketing. Our goal is to show small business owners the benefits of professional and effective marketing. Whether it be print ads and flyers or websites and social media platforms, precise and strategic marketing will improve your company's business and ultimately it's revenue. 

As a company, our main focus is providing each of our clients with a personalized marketing experience while providing the very best customer service! We are constantly working to expand our business  and to help make a name for the companies that we assist.  Trust your marketing needs to us! We look forward to hearing from you!

What ATM Offers

Unique, and creative marketing solutions for businesses seeking more exposure and revenue. From web design to branding, ATM Marketing Solutions customizes all of our services to fit the needs of you and your business!


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What We Do

In addition to providing creative and dynamic marketing solutions, ATM also provides the benefits of networking and partnering. We proudly promote all of our clients. We believe in the benefit of B2B Marketing and also believe in putting it to work! 

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About the Founder

Hello glorious people! My name is Afton T. Mayes and I am a proud Georgia native who has worked as a freelance web designer since 2012. 

Through my work in the different business areas I recognized a significant trend, particularly in the small business sector- Many companies were starting up, but were not staying up. And many of these companies had amazing potential- great ideas, great products and professional services. But many also lacked presence and had no knowledge of gaining the exposure needed for their businesses to stay afloat. 

My overall mission is to help  business owners experience the benefits of effective, professional, and personalized design and marketing services. I hope to help business owners understand how good marketing creates exposure which will help increase their revenue, ultimately helping keep their businesses thriving.

                                                                                                              ~ Afton T. Mayes

 Afton T. Mayes

Founder/Web Designer/ Marketing Specialist